Monnaie de Paris

La Monnaie de Paris

La Monnaie de Paris is pleased to be associated for the second consecutive year with Artistes à la Une Togeth'Her and to contribute to this generous artistic and human adventure by offering our picture rails to the 26 selected artists, their muses and the causes that are dear to them.

This event is close to our hearts, for two reasons. Because the very history of the Monnaie de Paris has crossed the destiny of women who have marked their time. One thinks of Sophy de Grouchy, wife of Condorcet, who came to live at the Hôtel de la Monnaie, where her husband was Inspector General of the French Mint and held a philosophical salon, on the eve of the Revolution, in which Enlightenment philosophers, encyclopedists and thinkers from all over Europe met. It undoubtedly played an important role in the ideas of Condorcet, author of a feminist text before the letter, advocating «  the admission of women to the right of citizenship » , as early as 1790. But also because the history of our institution is intimately linked to artists : from the anonymous ones who represented the effigies of our kings on coins since the Middle Ages, to the prestigious contemporary artists who are still invited today to occupy our historical spaces.

Marc Schwartz,
Chief Executive Officer of the Monnaie de Paris.