Claude Viallat

Vogue 2019

Mme Viallat

By Claude Viallat (Nîmes, 1936)

Acrylic and collages on paper

"I made the choice to be intimate. We've been married since 1962 and have done everything together : all my work, everything I've accomplished in my life, I've done next to her. We were students together at the Beaux-Arts and started painting together. And then she raised our children. I very much regretted that she preferred to be the woman who accompanies rather than the woman painter next to a painter. But that was her choice. All my work, I did it with her in mind. She is the first spectator of it. I had done a drawing of her recently, taking advantage of a day when she was very tired, and I inserted it, as I often do in my painting, with a yoke of printed fabric: everything is designed to enhance the portrait, as an element of the work. »